Welcome to my exciting new blog!

Tones Taxi

Hello and welcome to my exciting new blog all about my travels around the world.

My name is Tone and I drive around the UK taking the wife to different locations like the shops, hairdressers or sometimes, when I’m lucky, the Post Office. I then get left in the car park listening to the latest tunes on offer on the car tape deck.

I also sometimes get to go on a big aeroplane for a family holiday or a work trip abroad.

So, this is what you can expect from this blog:

  • Crap photos taken on an old iPhone 6 (hand me downs when the wife gets a new iPhone)
  • Stunning scenery of my car dashboard over looking places usually in Manchester or the Midlands
  • Daily updates on what tune I’m listening to whilst being bored in some random car park
  • Photos from family and work trips when I get to relax and go overseas

That’s about it, so check out my posts, subscribe via email for email alerts of when new posts are posted and make sure you get following all my social media channels.

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