1st Fan Mail


Well things got really exciting today as I received my first fan mail!

Having been exposing my wives quite frankly terrible snoring on Facebook the night before, I was sent a very thoughtful and extremely useful gift from an adoring fan!

After carrying out all my evening taxi duties, I finally got home, exhausted from a long day working so that my wife and son can spend everything I earn, but excited that I had something for me for a change – and here it is…

ToneTravels Fan Mail
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The first thing I thought was that it was very light – was this a repeat of Christmases gone by where I got an empty box? was this all just a practical joke conducted by the wife after exposing her the night before (ooh er missus)…

But no, it was genuine! I opened up the box and there they were, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR packs of earplugs!

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This was great news, I can now look forward to going to bed to maybe get a few hours kip instead of being kept awake all night long by the overwhelming noise coming from beside me.

After stopping my three year old from eating them, as he thought they were sweets (for some reason I’m not on the shortlist for Dad of the year?) I took them upstairs to my bedside table, ready for insertion.

If any one else feels the need to send me free stuff – please do, I accept anything, I’m really not fussy, anything that I can’t use or is just crap will go on eBay and i can buy something decent then!

So, to my first fan, you know who you are and I thank you!

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