The Perils of the Morning Taxi Run – Bus Drivers

Evil Buses

So I headed out on my taxi duties this morning, taking the son to nursery and the wife to work, but little did I know of the perils that I would face.

Today, I faced the dreaded bus driver!

Yes I see stupid people doing stupid things all the time on my taxi route, like the vast amount of people that go in the left lane at a roundabout but then go all the way around the outside to go right – lot’s of dashcam videos to come on that subject! But nothing is worse than a bus driver who seems to think that he (or she) has right of way no matter what.

This morning I was approaching the turning for the nursery, about to pass a bus at a bus stop. I could see that the bus was indicating to be fair, but as I was at the correct speed for road, around 27-28 miles per hour (mph) I felt I had right of way and it is much worse to slow down to let the bus out. I was also paying attention to the traffic behind me, the car in front about to turn right and the cyclist on the road. As he did not have right of way (no buses do not have right of way no matter how much they think they do) I decided to carry on past him.

But no, the bus driver decided that he did have the right to just pull out on me and proceeded to pull out right in front of me. I had to swerve to the other side of the road (good job there was nothing coming the other way) to avoid him and he continued to nearly drive into the side of me then any way.

Terrifying dashcam footage below:

After a gentle parp of my horn, a vigorous hand gesture and a good old shout of “oh dear old chap, that manoeuvre¬†was rather silly”, the bus driver decided that instead of saying “sorry old chap” or providing an apologetic wave, that it was more prudent to call me a wanker.


So there you go, maybe what the wife has been calling me for years is true, maybe I am a wanker!

Stay safe all, watch out for the them buses…

P.S. For anyone wondering, Ariana Grande is on the decks this week.

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