Expensive Saturday

Volvo XC40 R-Design

Another weekend comes along and that can only mean one thing, time to drive the family around and sit in car parks again!

The Expensive Hair Cut

First of all off we went to Altrincham again (seems hairdressers in Manchester are not good enough…) to get the little mans hair cut. As usual, I sat in the car and waiting patiently whilst listening to a bit of Oasis…

Altrincham Car Park
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Eventually, after a worryingly amount of time, the wife and the boy appear. However, they come out with more than just a hair cut. A pair of shoes, a lollipop, two stickers and packs of bath bombs seem to have been consumed whilst having the said haircut. So the (rip off) £12 hair cut had suddenly cost £60! – so a good start to the day!

New Company Car

So I’m due a new company car. I’ll miss my beautiful Vauxhall Insignia but it’s time to say goodbye and move on.

There are a lot of options but I’ve got it down to two; Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake AMG Line or a Volvo XC40 R-Design D3.

Mercedes happily sent me a demo car straight away and said I could have it for five days with unlimited mileage, so I said go on then, might as well! So I’ve got the Merc for a few days, it’s a good looking car but a bit crap to drive compared to the Insignia (that handles like a train!). It is also an automatic and the gearbox is absolutely appalling, especially with its 1.6L petrol engine.

Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake
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It’s now parked up outside my house next to my Insignia, as they are both white, the neighbours must think I’m like some sort of Poundland P-Diddy.

Mercedes and Insignia
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Volvo however have said that although they can give me a demo car, it will not be available until mid-January and that there is also a seven month waiting list if I order one! So I’ve booked in the XC40 demo car anyway for mid-January so I can have a play.

After being well and truly shafted by the hairdressers, I decided that we were going to a Volvo dealership so that we could go and take a closer look at the XC40 and I’m glad we did.

The Volvo is amazing and we all loved it. Looks good, loads of toys, loads of room, good on fuel, good 2.0L engine, comfort, luxury – everything I wanted from my last car before I turn 40. So I’ve gone ahead and ordered it! Few pictures below from the dealership today.

Volvo XC40 R-Design
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Volvo XC40 R-Design Internal
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Volvo XC40 R-Design D3 Boot Space
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The “Quick” Shop

After all that excitement it was back to earth with a bump as the wife declares that we have to go shopping – I hate shopping. But apparently we just need a few things as we are away next week.

Off to the Trafford Centre Asda at midday on a Saturday we went – hell on earth. The usual method of shopping commenced, me and the boy go off and look at the toys whilst the wife goes and grabs all the food that we apparently need – even though we could clearly feed a small country with the amount bought.

We get to the self scan counter thingy and the machine starts totting up everything – note, nothing for me in the trolley…when the machine finally stops scrolling through all said trolley items -there it is – £120! One hundred and twenty of the Queen’s English pounds – for a “quick” shop!

I’m still stunned now and to make things worse, Match of the Day isn’t even on tonight so I’ll probably have to watch some crap on the tele as well!

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