New Dash Cam

Denicer D720D Dash Cam

Exciting news! I got a new dash cam for Christmas!

It is not just any old dash cam either, it is the Denicer D720d with rear camera. So not only can I bring you new footage of dick heads on the road in front of me, I can do it with people behind me as well now!

I was pretty chuffed with the job I had done with fitting the cabling to the rear camera but the stupid adhesive strip that comes with it is crap and it keeps falling off the back window. Also because the back window on my Insignia is really sloped, the bottom third of the camera image is basically my boot. But, when I take delivery of my new Volvo XC40 (did I mention I was getting a new car?) it will be perfect as it’s pretty much a flat back window on that.

I am planning on trying to fix the rear camera this weekend with some 3M tape and if that does not work, I’ll get the duct tape out! It fixed the hoover last summer so I’m sure it will work on a dash cam.

I’m hoping to update this blog a lot more in 2019 with stupid stuff I have to put up with living with the wife – like tonight’s journey home from work was the debate on whether she goes to see the Spice Girl’s at the EmptyHad (which cost me a fortune to get her for Christmas) or the £20 Irlam Live “festival” that she also has tickets for – Really?!

On a more serious note, you may or may not be aware that if you have dash cam footage of someone being a knob, you can easily upload it to the NextBase website which is in partnership with a number of Police forces around the country, the link for the submission site is here:

National Dash Cam Safety Portal

Oh – and Happy New Year everyone!

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