Dashcam – Fiat 500L Drifting

Fiat 500L Crash

We had been down to Redditch to visit family and sort out some stuff for over the Christmas period and headed back home to Manchester on Sunday evening.

After spending a boring two hours driving up the M6 with it’s never ending roadworks, we got off at junction 21 and headed towards the A57 towards Manchester.

Fait 500 Drivers

I was following this Fiat 500L (or something like that) and he was slowly drifting across the lane for a few miles, so I was hanging back a little bit from him anyway.

Then, as we approached a more sharper bend in the road, the Fiat seemed to just carry on instead of turning into the corner, ended up on the wrong side of the road and missed an oncoming car travelling in the other direction by a few feet if that.

The video doesn’t really do the incident justice as it looked much closer and much more dangerous in real time. After, the driver just carried on slow drifting across the lane like nothing had happened.

I hung back and got home safely.

Just goes to show, it doesn’t matter how much of a careful or good driver you are (or think you are), there is always some fool ready to take you out regardless!

Dashcam Footage

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