CoronaVirus Isolation Day 1

CoronaVirus Day One
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The whole world is now aware of the CoronaVirus and everyone is trying to keep themselves and their families and friends safe.

Thousands of people have already died from the effects of CoronaVirus around the world and the epicenter is now in Europe with the likes of Italy and Spain worst affected and the UK looks set to get just as bad.

Boris Johnson Daily Press Conference

We sat and watched the daily press conference from Boris Johnson and his advisers and it has now got to the phase where people with immune system problems must isolate for 12 weeks.

I’ve been on a drug called Adalimumab for about six years. It is an immuno-suppressant drug that I use for the treatment of Psoriasis that I’ve had for about 15 years.

I’ve always been warned that the drug does stop my immune system from working properly and although I’ve had a few health issues with reoccurring tonsillitis a few years ago, migraines and last year, Pneumonia, compared to the horrific level of Psoriasis that I was suffering from, it was the lesser of two evils.

Do we have to isolate?

Although not confirmed yet, it now seems that due to my suppressed immune system, I’ll have to isolate for 12 weeks to hopefully avoid catching the CoronaVirus.

With my four year old off school for what looks like until September and my wife also having her own immune system issues, it looks like our entire family could be in isolation for the full three months.

So we now wait to see if we receive a letter from the NHS confirming whether we do have to stay in isolation for this 12 week period. Although from what we have seen on the Government CoronaVirus website, it is sure looking that way.

What to do?

With the potential to be stuck in our house for three months, it suddenly dawned on me…

What on earth are we going to do for three months?!

Working from Home

I’m lucky that the job I do allows me to be able to work from home without much disruption to what I need to do on a daily basis. So at least from Monday through to Friday, I’ll have work to do to pass the time. However, we are seeing that the soaps are stopping filming so not sure what we are going to do in the evenings in the week!


Having this blog already set up, I thought I would now make use of it to journal our lives through the next three months.

I’ll try and post every day and go through what we have been doing, how we are feeling and what support we may or may not get from the government. The reason I say that is that during today’s press conference, Boris has said that we will get free food parcels and, where required, medicine delivered to our front door, so we will see how that goes.


I’ve got an Xbox One which I’ve just go Ultimate Pass for with three months Gold online membership so I can play on that, also we have two Nintendo Switches and my beefy desktop PC where I have loads of Steam games ready to go.


We have got Sky Q with the full package and also Netflix and Amazon Prime Video so plenty to watch. I’ve only just recently finished watching The Man in the High Castle, which I thought was brilliant but the wife is not interested in it.

We’re also into Chicago Fire and PD and Grey’s Anatomy should be coming back soon too.

Today I’ve watched Greatest Events of World War 2 in Colour, played a bit of Football Manager 2020 and had beans on toast for my tea.

Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below of anything to watch on the TV, looks like we need to find a good box set to get through!

Home Schooling

As I stated earlier, our four-year-old, who only started Reception class last September (and was nicely settled in šŸ¤¬) looks like he will be out of school until this following September.

So there is a need to keep him entertained and also schooled so that he doesn’t get bored or start to forget some of the things he has learned at school already.

I think most of this will be left up to the wife though given that I only know about IT stuff and I’ve shown him how to use a laptop already!


I’ve heard that some government advice on what to do around the house is to take on some DIY projects. I’m not the best at this sort of thing, but yesterday, we did clear out the cupboard under the stairs and I put up some shelving and now it’s been turned into a pantry! So pretty pleased with that so you never know what I might do next.

Social Media

Like most people, I can spend hours on social media doing absolutely nothing. Most of the time I’m reading about how annoyed other Villa fans are at our latest performance or watching someone do a stupid dance.

If you want to join me on social media, you can do by hovering over the Social Media link in the top menu bar and it should drop down a list of all my social media channels.

Conclusion for Today

None of us can ever of expected anything like this to happen, but it is happening and we need to ensure that our first priority is to get through it safely and alive.

I know that might sound a bit overdramatic but as I write this, 282 people have died in the UK and 14,597 have died worldwide. This is a killer virus that has no boundaries and these numbers will go up way higher before we are able to eradicate it.

So if it means that we have to sit at home bored for three months, so be it.

Stay safe, social distance yourself, wash your hands and good luck.

P.S. check back tomorrow to see if I’ve bothered posting anything but I will try and at least post a few lines if nothing else.

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