CoronaVirus Isolation Day 2

CoronaVirus Day Two

Working from Home

First day of working from home and the day consisted of three Microsoft Teams meetings, a new server build, a few day to day support incidents and a list made for things to get sorted out tomorrow! Fairly quiet day overall.

Boris’s Lockdown

It was announced that Boris Johnson would address the nation at 8:30 in the evening. So like sitting down for the Queen on Christmas Day, we gathered in front of the television for our great leader to appear.

Boris’s National Address

Just in case you have missed it, this is the full address to the nation by Boris Johnson:

The time had finally come, the time to force all the dickheads that were out and about socialising within two metres of each other and other such debauchery, to stay at home. UK lockdown had arrived.

The rules stated by Boris were pretty clear, you stay at your own home unless:

  • Shopping for food or medicine
  • Exercise for yourself or pets alone or with members of your household only. Not friends.
  • Medical appointments or as a carer visiting a vulnerable person
  • Travel to and from work for essential workers only

Fairly straight forward to follow you would think? But obviously not. We have had the neighbours kids outside all day playing football in the close (mostly using my car as a goal), plenty of cars on the back road to us and generally most people taking no notice at all.

The Police will have the power to fine…

Mr Boris Johnson

Yes, the Police may have been given the power to fine dickheads out in lockdown but how do you prove it? If little Kevin is wondering around eyeing up what car to pinch tonight and PC Plod comes along and asks what he is doing, the reply will be…

Just on my hours daily exercise Sir

Little Kevin – Probably a car thief and smackhead

and the Police can do bugger all about it, how do you prove he isn’t?

The only way we can and will get through this is if the thick people in our society take notice and listen to what they are being told and obey the rules set out to help us all not die. Then we can all go back to our jobs and get on with life.

Coke Humidifier?

I have got a small little humidifier that you put water in and a lovely mist comes out of the top to humidify the room. Even gently changes colour.

But I found myself quite intrigued as to what would happen if I filled it full of Coke instead of water. I decided against it though. It’s only day 2, the humidifier is getting fed Coke before we get out of isolation!

Paper Aeroplane

My four-year-old wanted a paper aeroplane so I made him one. Found a cracking site where it shows you how to make all sorts of different ones here.

CoronaVirus Stats for Today

As I write this towards the end of the day, there are 6650 confirmed cases of CoronaVirus and 335 deaths.

Conclusion for Today

People are dying because some people are too ignorant to stay at home. I’m bored after two days but it has to be done, rather be bored than dead. Let’s hope tomorrow is more exciting.

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  1. If we “sensible” people stay in or social distance when we do have to venture out, then ones flouting the government requirements will be the ones suffering most from this dreadful virus. Stay in stay safe 😀🙏🙏

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