CoronaVirus Isolation Day 3

CoronaVirus Day Three

Working from Home

Started the day with a Microsoft Teams meeting with the rest of the IT team and discussed things that needed to be carried out for the day, including some certificates that needed renewing.

I then found a problem with our Nutanix hyperconvergence system which I then spent the next 6 hours online with a Nutanix engineer trying repeatedly to fix the issue. Come the end of the day and it is still not sorted so meeting up with him online again at 9am to have another go.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

After letting my four-year-old play Mario on my Nintendo Switch for a few weeks, it turns out that the joy-con rubber that I replaced at Christmas, has now been worn off completely. So, tomorrow, I will fix that with the repair kit I got off eBay.


First thing this morning the wife, who is also now at home with us, went to Tesco to get some essentials. She was pleasantly surprised that there was no queues and plenty of food. The best thing about that though is alongside the essentials, she got loads of cream biscuits and jam doughnuts!

So it just goes to show that if everyone just gets what they need for a few days, we can all do the shopping we need and not have to fight in queues.

Kids and the Outdoors

Had the neighbour’s kids out in the close this afternoon, seemingly using my car and house front door as a goal. The fact that they were out there for about two hours and definitely not practising social distancing tells me that the parents have given up all hope already.

Happens tomorrow and I’ll scare the shit out of them by setting my car alarm off every time they go near it. Note to self – day 3, starting to get very grumpy.

Football Manager 2020

I’ve started a new season in Football Manager 2020. As always, I’ve picked Villa just to torture myself a bit more.

Got off to a good start, signed Odsonne Edouard from Celtic for £18m and he has started off banging the goals in and I’m in the top 10 after about 8 games.

That’s about all the time I’ll get to play it is around 8 games in an evening so I’ll keep up to date on here about how I’m getting on.


The first movie of the isolation happened today. Couldn’t sleep much when I finally got to bed so stuck a film on. Decided to watch Fast Five again and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep through half of it. Good film if you want to kill two hours – or get to sleep.

CoronaVirus Stats for Today

Today saw another big leap in the number of deaths. At the time of writing this, there are currently 8077 confirmed cases of CoronaVirus and 422 deaths from CoronaVirus. This is the bigger leap in the number of deaths on a daily scale so far.

Conclusion for Today

People are still not taking this seriously. Like I said earlier in this post, kids are out playing football and this is with the parents in the houses. Why would you put your own kids in harm’s way?

If you need to go shopping, you can and you can do it without bulk panic buying. Just go to the shop, get what you need for a few days and go home.

Computer games and films help the time go quickly and stave off boredom and work can still be a bloody nightmare even when you aren’t there!

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