CoronaVirus Isolation Day 4

CoronaVirus Day Four
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Working from Home

Worked from home again today and had quite a busy productive day. After rejoining my Nutanix engineering at 9am we finally managed to sort out all the problems there and now everything is nicely up and running again.

Had four Microsoft Teams video meetings today about a variety of subjects again. I’ve now nearly got the hang of unmuting my headset when someone calls me instead of chatting away to someone who can’t hear a thing.

Completed a little mini-project to do with filestore permissions, shame some users didn’t want to reboot their machines to get the new permissions but would rather complain about not having access instead.

Also sorted out some phone re-routing issues in our Milan office (as they are all obviously out of the office as well) so they are redirecting incoming office calls to various mobile phones.

Also sorted out some PXE boot issues with our SCCM OSD system – again in the Milan office.

Half-heartedly started to look at our certificate renewals, but I need to go through the full “authorisation” process which is a nightmare, especially when the likes of Digicert will only call the number on the account – the one in the office, the one where no one is. I’ll try and give that one another go tomorrow.

Carried out some usual day to day incidents and then carried out a minor System Center upgrade and before I knew it, the working day was over!

New Fridge

My new home office is really taking shape and I now have – Tea making facilities!

Yes, I’ve bought a mini-fridge and filled it with milk, Coke, orange juice and Kit Kats! Got a £10 cheapo kettle from Amazon, pinched some sugar and tea bags from the kitchen and stuck them in some Tupperware boxes and there you have it. Tea without having to go downstairs and all at a total cost of just under £100. Bargain.

Black fridge with white kettle and large mug of tea
New Fridge and Tea Making Facilities at my home office!

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Fix

Yeah too busy today to do this. Might try and give it a go tomorrow, but this could be one of those jobs that never actually gets done.

Football Manager 2020

I’ve started to get back into playing Football Manager 2020 again in the evenings and had a great second season with the mighty Villa finishing third in the Premiership only behind Man City and Man Utd.

Football Manager 2020 Second Season Close

Third year pre-season now, I’m going for the title, any tips for players in year three?


We had our first spider of the season in the house today. Scared the life out of my four-year-old, but to be fair, it was a pretty big one, one of them sodding ones with big bodies.

I won’t go into graphic details, but let’s just say that the spider is no longer in the house…..or in life. For those that think you shouldn’t kill spiders, that is your right obviously, however, I think that they should all be burnt in the pits of hell. I’m not scared of them, I just hate them and that, is my right to have!

New CoronaVirus Symptoms

CoronaVirus continues to dominate all our lives and apparently there are now more minor symptoms to look out for, those being:

  • Eye infections
  • Bellyache
  • Brain fog
  • Fatigue

But this is me pretty much every single day of my adult life (apart from eye infections, although I did have conjunctivitis once when I was 17), this was reported in The Sun though, so to be fair, it could be all bollocks. But either way, keep an eye open, or two if you don’t have an eye infection.

CoronaVirus Stats for Today

CoronaVirus is still going strong throughout the world (apart from China now….hummm) and here in the UK, the stats are still shocking.

Today, another 43 British people lost their lives to this virus. The scary part is that this includes a 47-year-old male and a 21-year-old female, both with no previous health conditions, perfectly healthy human beings taken by this virus.

This takes the total UK deaths up to 465 with 9529 confirmed cases. Worldwide these figures are now up at 472,155 confirmed cases and 21,158 deaths.

However, an amazing 500,000 people in the UK have now volunteered to help with the jobs that the NHS need help with – deliveries for food and medicine, taking people to appointments and in some cases, just to be someone to talk to. This is within 24 hours of the government asking for help.

11,000 former medics have agreed to return to the NHS and 24,000 final year student nurses and medics will also join in.

This is the society I want to live in, the society that I want my kids to grow up in. Not the selfish panic buyers, not the profiteers, not dickheads on TikTok licking toilet seats and not the quite frankly stupid people in this country.

Just as I am writing this, it has just come through on the news that the UK government has ordered 10,000 ventilators from Dyson.

It has also been announced today that Prince Charles now has CoronaVirus, confirming that no matter who you are, you cannot escape it.

Conclusion for Today

Even though I’m working from home for what will probably be around three months, I’m still as busy as being in the office! The good thing about working from home, however, is that you can get on without being disrupted by a phone call or an end-user waving their laptop in front of you like you are there for their proposes only and drop everything else. This classic is always nice to hear, IT guys love this one:

If I can’t do my job, you don’t get paid

Generic arrogant sales person

Dude – if I turn off all my servers you ain’t doing anything, so if I don’t get left alone to do my job, you don’t get paid! *rant in head over*

There is good in most people. Seeing people volunteering in numbers like they have today is amazing. Seeing NHS staff working flat out in grave danger to their own health, is amazing.

I would love to do something to help somewhere, but both myself and my wife are two of the 1.5million classed as high risk and need to be “shielded”. So we will do the only thing that we can do and that is to stay at home and wait it out.

coronavirus advise
Just do as you are told…
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