CoronaVirus Isolation Day 5

CoronaVirus Day Five
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Wife’s Birthday

So day five of isolation in our house is the wife’s birthday and she is absolutely delighted about having to be stuck at home!

I spent the night before blowing up balloons and sticking up banners until 2am to try and make it a little bit more special.

She’s had loads of card’s and some presents but we have agreed that as soon as we can get out of this house, we’ll go out and buy her something nice then.

Tea – Dominos

As it was her birthday and she was a little grumpy being stuck in the isolation, I said I’d pay for a Dominos for dinner. Apparently I now owe £34. I’m sorry, £34? I don’t remember ordering liquid gold as my tasty refreshing beverage!

Needless to say, it’s the last time I offer to buy a dominos.

Working from Home

Another day working from home. Started around 8ish, just two Microsoft Teams meetings today and actually managed to get quite a bit done again.

I’m starting to learn that I can get more work done at home than I can in the office.

Today I managed to finally get the certificates all approved and working so will now spend the next few days applying them to our various systems in house and externally.

Internet Down

The worst possible thing happened today – the internet at home went down. I could not believe it, the only thing connecting us to the outside world and it was broke!

After hearing the screams for assistance from downstairs, I rebooted our router and everything came back up again – thank god for that!

Mega Drive

Our four-year-old is into Sonic the Hedgehog (no, not seen the film yet) and keeps playing the games on the iPad, but I’m sure he is buying rings or something on it. Either way, I remember that I had a Mega Drive Mini in the loft.

So I got the ladders down and climbed into the dark loft and found the Mega Drive with all its leads amazingly, then went and set it all up for him.

I told him that this is what Daddy used to play when he was younger and the reply was:

Wow you must be really old then Dad.

Thanks kidda.

After nearly sliced my hand off plugging the HDMI lead into the wall-mounted TV, I got him all set up on it. I grabbed the controller though and took a quick trip down memory lane – Champions Soccer, The Ninja, Alex The Kid! all these games built into this little mini console.

Mega Drive Mini Games
Mega Drive Mini Games

After having the controller forcefully removed from my grasp, the little one found Sonic and fired it up. For 3 whole minutes, he was quiet and played it. Until the sodding insect thing with the fireballs coming out of its arse shot him and killed him.

I’m not playing this, anymore!

He screamed as he disappeared downstairs. But hey, who really won? Me, that’s who, nice and quiet upstairs, playing Football Manager 2020 with a nice cup of tea. Happy Days.

The NHS Clap

No, not a hospital-based sexually transmitted disease but the UK coming together and clapping on the doorstep to show all NHS workers our gratitude for fighting this virus on the front line.

The response was amazing, you will see it all over the news channels but here are a few videos stuck together of our estate joining in. You can’t see sod all in some of them as it’s dark, but you can hear what’s going on:

Photos from around the UK

Places around the UK turned blue in support of the NHS tonight.

Let’s just hope that when this is all over, we don’t forget what these people have done for us all.

CoronaVirus Stats for Today

The CoronaVirus continues to hit hard with 113 deaths and 2129 new confirmed cases in the last 24 hours in the UK. This is working out at around 23% increase per day.

Worldwide, the virus has now taken the lives of 23,720 people and infected 527,215 others.

The UK Police are now putting into place checkpoints to stop people to see if they are travelling unnecessarily or not.

There have also been reports today of people coughing in other peoples faces in shops – what the hell is wrong with some people?!

However, again with some good news stories, 675,000 people in the UK have now volunteered to work with the NHS with the government originally thinking that 250,000 would be a stretch, but have now changed their wanted numbers to 750,000.

Conclusion for Today

Conclusions from today, when I’m really busy at work, the time flies. Having to postpone the wife’s birthday is probably going to cost me a small fortune. Dominos are a rip-off and my son thinks I was born in the dark ages.

Isolation also seems to be good for the diet as I’m not pilling KFC and McDonalds down my throat!

For everything bad that happens, at the moment it is being met with something good, showing the very best in humankind.

Remember – Stay at Home.

CoronaVirus Isolation Day 5 5
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