CoronaVirus Isolation Day 10

CoronaVirus Isolation Day 10

Working from Home

Day seven today of working from home and it was a bit of a strange one. I worked all day and even took about a 20 minute for some food but just didn’t seem to get a lot done! But looking through all my to-do lists, I have managed to tie up a lot of loose ends and got a lot of planning sorted out for the next few weeks of work. Going to try and blitz some project work tomorrow.


Well, have you ever put together a trampoline? If you haven’t, trust me, never, ever say you will do it. I went downstairs around 6ish this evening and got “the look” from the wife. You know the one where she is absolutely demanding that you get that big box out of the kitchen and get the trampoline built, look.

So I gave in thinking that it can’t be that difficult. I unboxed it and the first thing I noticed where that the instructions were clearly made for a country and language that has not yet been discovered. After having a mightly strop about the crap instructions, the wife got on YouTube and found a video of how to do it. Of course, Mr Billy big balls YouTuber makes it look like a piece of piss. I would rather have given diffusing a nuclear weapon a go.

After about three hours, two tea breaks, one Kit Kat break and a quick half-hour on the Xbox break (after declaring I couldn’t do it and it’s all crap). I finally managed to get it to at least half look like a bloody trampoline:

Half the Trampoline Completed

All I need to do now is get the sides setup on it which is an outside job or else I really won’t get it out of the patio doors.

Also worth noting that the wife’s whinging has backfired on her as instead of being in a box in the corner, it now takes up half the kitchen!

I’m already starting to ache all over so no doubt that tomorrow blog post will be all about me in pain.


I’m expecting the car battery charger to arrive tomorrow so I can also get the wife’s car fixed so that she can stop using my fuel when making essential trips to the local supermarket. Although, we have been using her car as a big bin over the last week as the tips are shut and they only collect the bins once in every 1000 years so I would imagine it’s not going to move anywhere for a while yet anyway!

British Gas

Think back a few days when I was proper chuffed with myself for moving to British Gas and saving over £400 a year.

Well, they have balls all that up with an email I received this morning stating:

CoronaVirus Isolation Day 10 1
British Gas

So, not switcharoo to British Gas – another thing I’ll have to now go and sort out and probably end up with someone like Octopus. Why the old fella in the picture looks so chuffed is beyond me.

CoronaVirus Stats for Today

Back to the CoronaVirus and the stats are a bit grim reading today. There are now 25,250 infections and 1829 deaths in the UK. The worrying thing is that it’s starting to kill younger and healthier people now.

Worldwide there are now 856,376 infections and 42,087 deaths with Spain and US now getting hit really hard. We have family in the US and in Spain so seeing these figures getting bigger and bigger in these countries is worrying. But, stay at home and hopefully, we can all get through this and one day put it into the history books.

Conclusions for Today

Don’t ever buy a trampoline that you have to put together yourself.

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