CoronaVirus Isolation Day 9

CoronaVirus Isolation Day 9

Working from Home

Pretty quiet day really at work today. Managed to catch up with some outstanding work and got a few support calls closed off.

Designated Survivor

We have well and truly got into Designated Survivor now, I think we are on about episode 20 already.


The trampoline arrived today and the wife has already been dropping not so subtle hints about getting it set up. I wanted to do it in the warmth of the kitchen but she reckons it won’t then fit out the patio doors. We will see…

CoronaVirus Stats for Today

Just a quick run-through of the CoronaVirus stats for today. 22,444 people are now infected with CoronaVirus in the UK with 1651 deaths confirmed.

Conclusion for Today

Honestly – I forgot to write something up for today so not as much content but I wanted to keep it going during our isolation period, so something is better than nothing! I also did nothing with the trampoline so that’s something for tomorrow.

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