CoronaVirus Isolation Day 12

CoronaVirus Day 12

Working from Home

Day eight of working from home today and mega busy. Spent most of the day generating certificates and applying to both our internal and external services.

Also had to reroute the Italian phone system as our colleagues in Milan continue to be out of the office due to the ongoing CoronaVirus crisis.

We also had a weird problem with Google Chrome in our Citrix environment where it kept crashing with an AW snap error. I managed to get this sorted out though as well today.

I took the opportunity to get some documentation completed in the afternoon in relation to the certificate renewals.

Shave and Haircut

As I hadn’t shaved for three weeks, I thought it was time to do so. I usually just use a beard trimmer and keep a bit of stubble but the wife bought me a Harry’s shaving kit for Christmas so I thought I’d give that a go, especially as I’m not going anywhere for three weeks!

Harry's Shaver and Gel
Harry’s Shaver and Gel

I first shaved my head to number 0 and then shaved my face using the Harry’s kit. I hate being clean-shaven but this razor is amazing and felt good to be nice and clean!


I had shepherds pie for my dinner, very nice. I miss McDonald’s though. Definitely going straight to Wetherspoons for a meal once we can get out of the house.

Designated Survivor

We finished the first season of Designed Survivor tonight. Season two starts tomorrow!

Clapping for the NHS

Everyone was outside their front doors again tonight at 8pm to clap and make noise for our NHS front liners.

CoronaVirus Stats for Today

I’m writing this a day late and I forgot to take note of the exact stats for this day, but there were around 600 deaths in the UK today. The worldwide stats are 53,164 deaths and infections have now hit over 1 million at 1,016,534.

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