CoronaVirus Isolation Week 3

CoronaVirus Week 3

Weekly Updates

I’ve decided to do a weekly CoronaVirus Isolation update as doing one daily was boring and in all honesty, I couldn’t be bothered and most of the stuff happening is the same day by day anyway.

So weekly updates it is!

Working from Home

I continue to work from home like most other people, but looks like I will not be going back anytime before the end of June at the moment.

Due to my various medical conditions, I have to completely shield and isolate myself from the outside world for at the very least three months. This also depends on when everyone else can go back to work which looks like it could be another three weeks yet.

It looks like the CoronaVirus is going to keep me out of work for quite a while yet and anyone who knows me will know that this is not a good thing!

I’ve got plenty of work to do though and it’s quite nice to be able to sit at home and get a lot of project work done and documentation updated.

I miss playing Fifa at dinner though, especially as my son as stolen my Xbox One at the moment, although plans are afoot to pinch it back!

Boris Johnson

Our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson ended up in the hospital at the beginning of the week and then was transferred to intensive care having contracted the CoronaVirus. It looked a bit bleak but he improved and was moved back to a normal ward later in the week.

He was released from the hospital today and released this on his Twitter account:

I know Boris is of a certain taste to most people but some of the stuff on Twitter was disgusting. People wanting the Prime Minister dead is just not on, he is a human being with a pregnant partner and people were hoping that he died from CoronaVirus. The worse thing here is that it wasn’t kids, it wasn’t trolls, it was people in positions of authority and responsibility.

Hopefully, some of these people that were posting such stuff get the sack after their employers see their thoughts.

Boris is out now but not back to work for a bit, but I wish him all the best and let’s stick together and get through this.

Wedding Anniversary

It was our 14th wedding anniversary this week. I really struggled to even buy anything as nowhere will deliver and I can’t go out. I managed to order a large card through Moonpig a few days before and they guaranteed that it would arrive in time.

Two days after our anniversary, the card turned up, the wife opened it and not only was it two days late, but they forgot to put the words in the card! So she was delighted with her two days late, empty card!


I have mowed the garden again this week, twice in two weeks which is the most I have ever done it. I’ve got big plans for the garden this summer, going to dig out all the borders, get some sleepers in place and extend the patio a bit. I also need to paint the shed and put a new fence in place. But again, as I can’t go to B&Q, the plans are partially on hold.

Gnome Garden

The wife has also created a little gnome garden – knowing full well that I hate gnomes because they come alive at night and will kill us all. But she doesn’t seem to be bothered by that at all.

gnome garden

Car Washes

It was pretty sunny on Saturday so decided to give both our cars a good wash. Well, what I really did was get the hose pipe out and let our four-year-old spray the cars with water. They were covered in sand though as they haven’t been used for a while so at least it go rid of all of that.

Wish Laptop

I am still excited for the arrival of my big gamble of purchasing a laptop from Wish. Still, no sign of it arriving this year though as it’s not even been posted yet, but I’ll give it another week before I start to worry.

Isolation App

I got an email from the NHS stating that due to my medical conditions, I should use this newly released app from them. So I downloaded it and set it up with my NHS number and some other personal details and the first thing it says it that I’m only 14 days out of 84 days into the isolation period – thanks for the reminder, just what I needed!


This weekend is Easter weekend and we had a lot planned for this coming week. We were heading down south for a week to see the family and also had family coming over from New York who we were going to see for the first time in a few years – but obviously CoronaVirus has put a stop to that!

So we spent the weekend at home and our little one made an Easter bonnet for a competition his school was doing online and the Police also dressed up as a bunny and panda(?) and wandered around our estate for all the kids to see:

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