CoronaVirus Isolation Week 4

CoronaVirus Week 4
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Easter Monday

So we are starting the week this week with a bank holiday and another day off work. I spent it mostly watching TV and playing Football Manager.

Wifes Car

I did take a look at the wife’s car as well though as she was complaining that it smelt funny under braking and some lights come on the dash at 50mph.

Having just about managed to get my hand in between the tyre and car, I took some photos inside which seem to show the problem.

Hyundai i30 Brake Pads
Hyundai i30 Brake Pads

The photo above is the brake pad on the right side. Looks completely knackered and when driving away very slowly, around 2-3mph, you can hear the disc rubbing against it.

This is a car that we bought in October from a garage that had just passed its MOT and since we have had it has done no more than 150 miles.

As nowhere is open at the moment as well, we can’t get it fixed. Luckily she can use my car to get shopping or we would be a bit screwed!

Chicken Dinner

We had a nice chicken dinner in the evening that the wife cooked (think she might be ill…) and some alcohol-free red wine and after a bit more TV, went to bed.


Working from Home

I spent Tuesday through to Friday working from home again. Nothing really more to say, just going through the daily routines and catching up on project work and getting a chance to type up documentation I’ve been putting off for months.

Boris Twitter Conspiracy Theories

The latest conspiracy theories by the UK’s lefties hit Twitter today. It seems we can’t go a day without someone wanting to put the boot into Boris Johnson.

I’ll admit, he is not my favourite person but there are a lot worse (imagine Corbin in charge right now? no thanks!) and he is who we have in place in these difficult times and that isn’t going to change because some keyboard warrior doesn’t like it and makes up fake news on Twitter.

Basically, today’s Twitter conspiracy consisted of Boris not having been ill at all and it is all a PR stunt covered up using the Official Secrets Act. This tweet from someone sums it up nicely:

I find this insulting to the NHS and its staff that they would even contemplate this during a global Pandemic. It didn’t gain any weight so then someone shoved in the use of the Official Secrets Act. Really? I don’t think so.

Let’s just leave Boris alone for a few weeks, get him well and get him back leading the country and get us through this.

Britains Best Gameshows

As I was channel surfing on Tuesday night, I came across Britains Best Gameshows.

Obviously on Channel 5, the king of these sort of shows, it caught my eye and I started to watch it. I think it was on for about two hours in the end with classics like Blockbusters, The Price is Right, The Krypton Factor, Gladiators and Bullseye. I couldn’t believe how old it all looked and we used to sit down on an evening every week to watch these shows.

My personal favourite is YouBet but you don’t see much of that on these type of shows anymore for some reason. They shold definitely bring some of them back, got to be better than X-Factor, Britains Got Talent and “Celebrity” Ice Skating or whatever that crap is called.


Costco Pantry Top Up

Our pantry was running low and we had no bread, water, orange juice, eggs, butter etc, so the wife headed off to Costco to top up in the evening. She said it was surprisingly quiet and no queues to get in. Just clean a trolley handle and off you go.

Tiger King

Loads of people had been going on about this Tiger King for a few weeks now, so we thought we would give it a go.

Wow, how good is it? It’s one of those programs where you just can’t stop watching it and want to keep watching “just one more…”.

The lot of them are absolutely bat shit crazy but it makes brilliant TV.

Did Carol Baskin kill her husband?….

Well Joe Exotic certainly thinks so…

If you have not seen Tiger King on Netflix yet, watch it all the way through, the first two episodes are fairly tame but then things go absolutely mental!



Following the previous days shopping trip to Costco, I was amazed to have started work and then the wife calls me saying she has down my breakfast. I couldn’t believe it, usually struggle to get a brew out of her, but here it is, toast, beans and eggs, what I nice start to the day!


Bed Incident

I somehow managed to fall out of bed and twisted my ankle and whacked my knee, still hurting now three days later. I haven’t fallen out of bed since I was a kid so how this happened I don’t know! Being stuck in this house is starting to do strange things to me!


Cardio Letter

I finally got a letter from my cardiologist today with the results of my five-day heart monitor fitting. I have absolutely no idea what it all meant but it didn’t sound too bad. I’ve not been called back for anything urgent so who knows. Just waiting for what the next steps are going to be.

Captain Tom Moore

There are going to be many stories that come out of this CoronaVirus Pandemic, stories that will be told down the generations for 100’s of years to come. This is afterall being played out as our generations “war”.

NHS staff, care workers, shop workers, delivery drivers – all are being hailed as heroes – which they are, helping people on the front line and many have died doing this.

However, you will go a long, long way to find a better, more inspiring story than that of Captain Tom Moore, a 99-year-old World War 2 veteran.

At the beginning of this week, this very soon to be 100-year-old man started to walk around his back garden 100 times, just before his 100th birthday, to raise money for the NHS in its fight against the CoronaVirus.

He wanted to try and raise £1000 for the NHS Charities together charity and set up a JustGiving page to take in any donations he might get. Some celebs started to pick up on this and then the papers started reporting it and then it was all over the TV.

Within one single week, the total currently raised to this date is an absolutely unbelievable £25,408,097.44 – yes, that is £25.5 MILLION. It is still going up by the minute as well.

There are now calls for him to be Knighted by the Queen for services to his country. Already a war hero, I don’t think anyone would say that he doesn’t deserve it! His 100th birthday is on 30th April 2020 and you can send birthday cards and well wishes to him at this address:

Captain Tom Moore
C/O Post Office Limited
67 Bedford Road
Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire MK43 0LA

Audi S5

I’ve started getting a bit frustrated being stuck in the house, so I have started to look at Autotrader. I may be having a slightly early midlife crisis but I am taking serious consideration to buying an Audi S5 at the moment.

I have a nice new family company car, but I really want a fast toy. Something I can polish at the weekend for no reason. Something that will bankrupt me for fuel!

I’ve found this one that I really like, but unlikely to buy this particular one as I cannot get out of the house for at least another two months. But it has a 4.2L v8 engine putting out 349bhp, with enough space to put a car seat in the back and has a big boot as well. I’m very tempted, but may calm down once I get out of the house and back to work!

Volvo Recall

I got a letter from Volvo UK today stating that my XC40 may have a fault in the anti-collision software and that I need to get it booked into a dealership ASAP to get the software upgraded.

This is great news considering I cannot leave the house! So, I need to give them a call on Monday and try and find out what to do about getting that sorted.


I see that the hashtag #whereisboris is trending on Twitter tonight. The lefties are at it again, bashing Boris saying that he is nowhere to be seen and should be ashamed.

The bloke nearly died a week ago, I think we should give him 2-3 weeks to fully recover before returning to work no?

Wish Laptop

I know that you will all be holding your breath in excitment to hear the latest about my Wish laptop that I ordered a few weeks ago.

Well, the latest is that apparently, it’s not even been processed yet! I am starting to get a little concerned now and will look at getting my money back if it’s not been shipped by the end of next week.

Lego Technic

I do like a bit of Lego Technic and I thought it might be a good idea to buy one for something to do during evenings and weekends.

I started to have a look around and look at the price of this thing:

CoronaVirus Isolation Week 4 11
Lego Technic

£1499.99 PLUS £7.48 delivery!! What a rip off! So I’ve decided I can’t be doing with Lego Technic at the moment. I might look for something else in the week.

Call of Duty

I’ve been playing my Xbox One a little bit this weekend and I have had Call of Duty WW2 for years and it’s still in it’s original wrapping. So I thought I would crack it open and have a go.

I stuck it in the console and immediately, there’s an update, OK I thought, it is a few years old so fair enough.

Call of Duty Update
Call of Duty Update

The update was 32.9GB!!! This is massive! I’ve had to leave it on downloading and installing, so I might get a go of it tomorrow if I’m lucky!

Street Party

I thought I would end with the news that our estate is having a stay at home street party!

CoronaVirus Isolation Week 4 12
Street Party!

On Friday 8th May, it is VE Day. Usually, we would have big street parties and mix with people to celebrate the end of the conflict in Europe in 1945.

But as we are all in quarantine, we are going to do it in our gardens! Get the music on and “we’ll meet again” will have a whole new significance this year!

CoronaVirus Stats

The stats for CoronaVirus right now are shocking and show no sign of slowing down:

In the UK there are now 114,217 infections with 15,464 deaths. However, this number is not even close to being correct as these are just the records from hospitals. It does not include those that have died in care homes or at home. Some estimates say it is double the official government figures.

Globally, the USA is now far out in front as being the worst affected country with 740,557 cases and 38,979 deaths.

Total worldwide infections are at 2,329,539 cases and 160,717 deaths.

United States740,55738,97966,648
United Kingdom114,21715,4641,918
Top Countries Affected by CoronaVirus

That’s all for this week, stay safe.

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