Nexar Dashcam First Outing


I’ve purchased myself a new Nexar dashcam and had it imported from the US. We went out to Monkey Forest at the weekend, which is about a 50-mile journey down the M6 towards Stoke, a perfect chance to test out the new dashcam.

The trip down was pretty much as expected, but on the way home, I had an unmarked Police car come flying up behind me and swerved in front of me with all his blues flashing. I thought bollocks, I’ve been caught speeding (not that I would…) but luckily he carried on and swerved across all four lanes of the M6 Northbound at junction 18.

Nexar Dashcam – Unmarked Police Car – M6 Northbound

Now I have this new dashcam setup, it automatically creates clips and saves them to your phone or OneDrive, which means I don’t have to get the memory card out all the time, making it so much easier to upload dashcam videos. So you will be seeing a lot more of them now!

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