About ToneTravels

I started this blog a while ago just for a laugh really. Having done nothing with it for quite some time, I thought I would work on getting it back up and running again.

I travel to variously places around Europe for my day job and also travel the UK a lot in my own time, taking the family for fun days out at places like the car wash or maybe a trip to Tesco. I’m now in my late 30’s, married with a four-year-old boy.

Differently to what my first goals were with this blog is that I want to include both lifestyle and health niches. The reason for this is that I do suffer from a few medical conditions and have to deal with a lifetime of medication. I hope to tell my story and ongoing conditions to hopefully help someone else out there that might also be suffering.

I’ll also write the odd review on days out we have had, usually from months ago as I won’t have been bothered to write anything until then.

But, mostly I’ll be talking a load of rubbish and combining that with really poorly taken photographs!

So take a good look around my blog, YouTube channel and Social Media channels.